PSHE and Citizenship

Run some discussion and debate sessions with the students where the focus is on disability.

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Research the development of the treatment and attitudes towards people with spinal injuries, or current issues around access and inclusion for people with disabilities.

What are the students’ views on the rights and opportunities of people with disabilities in 21st century Britain?

How inclusive is their school and local community?

What improvements would they like to make to ensure local people with disabilities have opportunities to engage in sport, leisure, art, employment and so on…?

"Paralympic Voices" film

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This 15 minute film is an edited selection of interviews with nine gold-medal-winning athletes with a wide range of impairments. All the athletes interviewed talk about their experiences as a disabled person: while at school and growing up, and the importance of competitive sport to them.

This film has been used very successfully with sixth form groups. You can view it here

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