There is a rich seam of background information, history and stories in all sections of the site which can be used as the launch pad for factual and creative writing, discussion and presentation topics, role-play and drama.

Creative writing

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-Read the interview with Eva Loeffler, Ludwig Guttmann’s daughter.  Challenge the students to write a simplified version of her story for a younger audience, or turn it into a play-script.

-If the students met Eva, what would they like to ask her? Write some interview questions.

-Write a character portrait of Ludwig Guttmann and include examples of the things he cared about most.


Speaking and listening

-Role-play an interview with Guttmann in a hospital being interviewed by a member of the Nazi party.

- Run some hot-seating debates: students take turns to sit in the ‘hot seat’ while the rest of the group asks questions. The questions should be open-ended to which the answers need to be more than ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Hot-seat characters could include:

  • Ludwig Guttmann
  • A patient at Stoke Mandeville
  • A Paralympian preparing for the Games
  • A Jewish friend of Guttmann’s who witnessed his treatment of patients during the rise of the Nazi party

- Prepare a short presentation about the development of wheelchair technology or changing attitudes towards people with disabilities. What role did Guttmann play in these changing attitudes?

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