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Betty Beckett

Betty worked as a typist for Joan Scruton, Sir Ludwig Guttmann's assistant, in the early 1950s. focus group

Ebba Bergstrom

Ebba has worked as a physiotherapist since the late 1970s; she still works at Stoke Mandeville. focus group

Sandy Breen

Sandy has worked as a volunteer at Stoke Mandeville since the 1970s.  focus group

Mary Brennan

Mary worked as a nurse at Stoke Mandeville from 1953; her late husband, Jimmy, had worked there since 1949. From 1970 they ran the rehabilitation hostel in the hospital. Mary then became a Ward Sister before retiring in the 1992. interview

Ida "Brom" Bromley

Ida worked as a physiotherapist at Stoke Mandeville from 1954 until 1977. focus group and memoir (Opens in new window)

Keith Delderfield

Keith started working at the Stoke Mandeville Sports Centre when it opened in 1969, eventually becoming Assistant Manager. He was heavily involved in the organisation of the 1984 Olympic Games there. focus group and interview (Opens in new window)

Professor Wagih El-Masri

Wagih El-Masri came to Stoke Mandeville in 1971 and trained under Sir Ludwig Guttmann - even though he had officially retired. He went on to become Director of the Midlands Centre for Spinal Injuries. interview (Opens in new window)

Ron Gaffney

Ron lived close to the hospital as a young boy. focus group

Dr. Allison Graham

Allison is the current director of the National Spinal Injuries Centre.

Morwenna Breen-Haynes

Morwenna volunteered at Stoke Mandeville Games in the 1990s. She currently works for IWAS. focus group

Charmaine Hooper

Charmaine is the secretary of IWAS and has been involved with wheelchair sport since the 1980s. focus group

Douglas Joss

Douglas started worked for Aylesbury Council and was seconded to help with the organisation of the 1984 Olympic Games at Stoke Mandeville. focus group and interview

Robert King

Robert working at the Stoke Mandeville Sports Centre. He was heavily involved in the organisation of the 1984 Olympic Games there. focus group and interview (Opens in new window)

Eva Loeffler

Eva is the daughter of Sir Ludwig Guttmann. She trained as a physiotherapist and worked briefly alongside her father at Stoke Mandeville in the 1950s. interview (Opens in new window)

Joan Newton

Joan came to work as a nurse at Stoke Mandeville in 1948 and stayed until 1952. focus group and interview (Opens in new window)

Hannah Proctor

Hannah is a physiotherapist at Stoke Mandeville. focus group

Dr. John Silver

John first worked for Sir Ludwig Guttmann at Stoke Mandeville in 1956 and then succeeded him as the director of the Spinal Injuries Centre. He is the author of History of the Treatment of Spinal Injuries, 2003. interview

Jean Stone

Jean worked as an occupational therapist in Scotland and worked with the GB and Scottish teams at Olympic and Commonwealth Gamesis. She helped organise the 1984 Olympics at Stoke Mandeville. She is a board member of WheelPower.  focus group  and interview (Opens in a new window)

Maura Strange

Maura is the Secretary General of IWAS. focus group

Dot Tussler

Dot started working as a physiotherapist at Stoke Mandeville in 1982 and continues to do so. focus group and memoir (Opens in new window)

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Comments about this page

Hi i was reading the story from :Ida: Brom Bromley i was in Stoke at the same time as she was working there August to December 1964 i was on ward 2x my physio was German very nice girl who cared for me very well, i was sitting on there floor and had just done some presups and she asked another physio if there was any thing else would could do time i was on the floor, she said there was but not in front of all these people, she went bright red but got a laugh out of it that is how it was in the 60s when i was in there it made being there more fun. Ida may not remember me i was 19 at the time not injured on a motor bike as many people thought becuse of my age, but hurt in a mining accident.

By George Brogan
On 19/02/2012

My grandad worked as a nurse in the 1940s - alfred broadley does anyone remember him?

By debbie mcfarlane
On 02/03/2012

My father was a patient, I think early 50's his name was Terry Winters, anybody recall?

By kay hunter
On 29/08/2012

Hi I lived next door to Jim and Mary Brennan and their growing family from 1951 to 1959, my father was the hospital administrator at Stoke Manderville during that period and I remember a good deal about the annual games at that time and like the Brennan family many of our childhood friends were wheelchair bound.

By John Dryden
On 29/08/2012

I was a volunteer at the International Games in the 1980's as a friend of Jennie Williams...a wonderful experience...would like to help again.

By Debbie Watson
On 29/08/2012

my aunt mary josephine tobin from tipperary in ireland worked in stoke m.for many years does anyone remember her .thank you we are very proud of her connection to such a wonderful place

By cecile grace
On 29/08/2012

my mother (vera hill, nee.north) worked at Stoke Mandeville during the war years and, I believe, with Dr Guttmann. Just trying to trace any record of this.

By C.Hill
On 03/10/2012

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