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The Mandeville Legacy website is not just a website packed with historical facts and photos - it's a living archive that needs your input!

If you just want to add a comment, that's very easy, type in your comment at the bottom of the page you're on.  If you'd like to add more material such as text and/or images, you'll need to register as a contributor, and follow some simple instructions that you can find at the bottom of the page.

What sort of content can you add? 

Well, that's up to you, it might be your memories of being a patient of Sir Ludwig Guttmann's, or working with him at the Spinal Unit.  Perhaps you remember early Stoke Mandeville Games, or even the Paralympics at Stoke Mandeville in 1984. 

You might be a school that has used our educational resources: we'd love to see what you've produced and share it with other schools to inspire them.

This page was added on 15/06/2011.
Comments about this page

All of us at Accentuate are delighted to see how the Mandeville Legacy website has developed. It will be a wonderful resource for everyone with an interest in the development of the Paralympics and help to ensure that unique heritage of Stoke Mandeville is recognised and understood by the world. Emma Slawinski

By Emma Slawinski
On 22/09/2011

My aunt and Uncle, Gwen and John Buck were patients of 'Poppa' Guutman. They led very full lives, winning medals at the paraplegic games. As a youngster they would take me to Stoke Mandeville for weekends. Seeing all those people playing sports at really high levels was no surprise, nor even strange to me, because my aunt and uncle naturally made me think that anything was possible even for those in wheelchairs. They were just amazing.

By Jackie Ward
On 29/08/2012

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