This website relies heavily on the knowledge, experiences, memories, documents and photographs of a great many individuals. It is from these sources that the narrative of the Mandeville Legacy has been created.

The first group of people who have contributed are the athletes. These come from all the Paralympic classifications: Cerebral Palsy, Visually Impaired, Amputees and 'Les Autres' as well as Spinal injuries. Many of the latter  first came to Stoke Mandeville as patients to receive treatment from Sir Ludwig Guttmann and his successors before going on to compete as athletes in various sports and returning to Stoke Mandeville for the annual National and International Wheelchair Games before going on to represent their country at the various Commonwealth and Olympic Games for the disabled, subsequently the Paralympics. Some of these then went on to become designers of wheelchairs or involved with disability charities.

The second group of contributors has been these people who worked at Stoke Mandeville in a huge range of roles: doctors, physotherapists, nurses, sports centre administrators, typists and local volunteers.

Their testimonies have been collected in one or more of three ways: through the use of focus groups in which people have come together to discuss and comment on archive material and photographs; through one to one interviews; and through written memoirs.

You can find details of all the contributors to the site on these pages and you can also download transcripts of their interviews or memoirs.