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Share the amazing story of Ludwig Guttmann, ‘father of the Paralympics’, with your pupils. Investigate the history of the Paralympic movement, the science behind wheelchair technology, the care of people with spinal injuries … and much more.

Take a journey through Paralympic history decade by decade, and through some turbulent and memorable times, both for the Paralympic movement itself and for Ludwig Guttmann, as a Jew living in Nazi Germany.

This section offers teachers a range of curriculum-related ideas and topics inspired by the Mandeville Legacy.

For primary schools, there are suggestions for topics with links to related background content in other sections of the website.

For secondary schools, the teaching and learning ideas are linked to specific curriculum areas, but could work well as a cross-faculty, cross-phase project too.

These are open-ended suggestions; feel free to use the background source material to suit your own teaching and learning arrangements, and the age, ability and enthusiasm of the pupils.  If you haven’t already done so, you could start by browsing the main sections including the ‘Collections’ area where you’ll find useful archive images.