The overall aim of the Mandeville Legacy project is to celebrate Buckinghamshire as the birthplace of the Paralympic movement. However, we are also supporting a number of other projects that are addressing the wider aims of fostering a better understanding of disability and researching and developing access to other collections relating to disability.  

Through Accentuate, we are funding arts projects connected to Paralympic history and values such as Driving Inspiration, and also work carried out by other museums, archives and galleries across the South East, exploring their collections relating to disability.  Although centred in Buckinghamshire, the project reaches out across the South East region.

Although not part of the Mandeville Legacy project, we are supporting another important project associated with Stoke Mandeville - the 'Poppa' Guttmann Recognition and Celebration project.  This project has commissioned a lifesize bronze statue of Sir Ludwig Guttmann to stand outside the NSIC at Stoke Mandeville Hospital and is establishing an arts programme for patients.  For more information visit their website